Part 5

Zanerkand: 1002 years ago

Then I went though the portal and found out I was falling above a city all lit up. Then I remembered what Tidus told me about Zanerkand, I realized I was going to land in Zanerkand’s stadium in the middle of a Blitz ball game. Everyone in the stadium looked up and saw me land in the sphere pool. The announcer said “this is truly amazing, someone fell out of the sky and is in the middle of the field” I looked around and saw Tidus staring at me, I told him telepath “Tidus, don’t be afraid of me” he looked confused when I said that, I said “I didn’t expect to land here, so after I exit the pool you can continue your game” he nodded and I did watch until he leaped out of the Sphere pool to take a shot but a blast from the other side of the city destroyed some of the buildings and I did try to find Tidus, but there were too many people in my way. 2 hours later I found him again but this time he was with Aruron, I drew my sword: a Buster Sword and Aruron said “I hope you know how to use it” Tidus did focus until he was holding it in one hand.
I said to myself “Sinscales” Aruron and Tidus were doing okay until they got surrounded, I said “you’re not alone” they both turned around and saw me holding my sword, we killed the ugly assholes, we reached where the attack came from: Sin. When my powers returned I flew straight up and went fast enough to go forward in time.

I went back to Spira in the present and found who I was hunting: Vagnasin this time he was feeding on the souls in the Farplane, I used my radio to contact Cid and I did, I told him “Vagnasin is in the Farplane, feeding” then I saw something on Vagnasin, I took my sniper rifle out and used the scope to get a closer look.


When I did find out what it was, I recognized who was piloting Vagnasin, it was someone I really hold a fucking grudge against; it was Shujan, the same asshole who tried to destroy Spira. I told Yuna “Shujan is back and is trying to destroy Spira take the same route you took to get here” “Roger that Blade, we’re on our way” 1 hour later she brought everyone down into the Farplane. When I saw her I showed her Vagnasin’s pilot, Sora and Zero were there too, Sora wanted to see Shujan’s ugly face and I did show him. I told Sora “now you use the Thundaga -437- Hellfragger Rocket Launcher” when I said that he was doing his psycho smile, which he learned from me. He pulled out his Thundaga -437- Hellfragger Rocket Launcher and set the rockets to guide and open fired. Shujan had no idea what was happening, until Yuna appeared in the Songstress Dressphere, Shujan’s face went from pissed off to shame then someone else appeared and said “Shujan, stop, you don’t have to do this.” When I turned around a woman wearing the same thing Yuna is, I recognized her from Yuna’s 1000 words: Len, the one who Shujan is in love with.

I said “I know you two are in love with each other, Shujan, trying to destroy Spira for revenge? WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?” he said “Vagnagun, is all I need to get revenge” I in frustration slugged him square in the face and yelled “I COULD GET YOU TWO MARRIED BUT YOUR HEART IS TAINTED WITH DARKNESS, SO YOU CANT GO INTO A TEMPLE WITH OUT GETTING BAPTIZED!” he looked ashamed and he said “I… I’m sorry for all the damage I’ve done, Len do you forgive me?” she nodded and I said “now that you two are happy again, what are we going to do with Vagnasin?” he asked “Vagnasin?” I sighed and told Len and Shujan about Vagnasin. Five minutes later after I told them about Vagnasin they understood what they had to do; repair all the faith chambers in all the temples but right when Shujan and Len were leaving the Farplane the Farplane’s barrier prevented them from leaving the Farplane in Guadosalam so I told Yuna to go get a priest from one of the temples and tell him where the wedding will be located, I decided to stay with them until Yuna came back. 2 hours later. She came back and brought a priest into the Farplane.


You know how a wedding goes but this wedding was more interesting than any other wedding because I’ve never seen two unsent people get married before. I pretty much fell asleep during it the thing that woke me up was the sound of a huge machine moving and when I looked over where the noise was coming from, I laughed because Vagnasin was coming looking beautiful. Then a familiar voice spoke “Where’s the beer?” I turned around and laughed because Ject got to drunk and acted like a complete asshole so I had to drag him out of the middle of the isle and say “you can continue” then an explosion I knew the scent real well it was Kekanu I sighed and started fighting, Tidus said “don’t mind them, they’re just settling a score” I finally killed him and erased his soul from the world. And made sure Kekanu and his family won’t ever come back. I didn’t tell you I have an obsession with destruction, which means, if a Biffy blows up it’s probably me, entertaining myself. I’ve made explosives before for everyday use, I will level city blocks just for the thrill.

I thought of destroying Bevelle as revenge for putting me into a prison. While in the Farplane I met Seymour Guado, I took him out of the Farplane and killed him, Yuna wanted to send him back to the Farplane but I told her not to, of course I castrated him for being an asshole to Yuna. I didn’t tell New Yevon about castrating Seymour, but they found him upside-down, heart ripped out, eyes ripped out, castrated, tongue cutout, gut-less and wrapped in barbed wire. The look on New Yevon’s face was classic when they saw his body, still wet with blood hanging in the counsel chamber. I also met Yunalesca; I pretty much did the same thing I did to Seymour but instead of hanging her upside-down I left her lying on Bevelle’s temple’s doorstep, yea I’m that ruthless.


Every time I enter the Farplane I get a flashback showing someone carrying a white wolf and saying something that I can’t understand, so in order to help me find out who is carrying that baby white wolf, I got a memory sphere and I recorded it on the sphere and took it to the elder and showed him. He said “I knew you would come to me with a sphere holding a strange memory” I asked “what does this memory mean to me?” he said “you were not born in the Artic but in the Farplane.” I screamed “I WAS BORN IN THE FARPLANE AND I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT!” he said “the person who was carrying you is someone you know very well.” After he said that I went though my mental log of all my friends and I shrugged he said “the people who were carrying you are Yuna and Tidus, they were sent to protect you from Seymour Guado by your father, they brought you to the Artic for your safety” I said “I killed Seymour with my own fucking hands” he said “no, he is still alive” I asked “how am I going to kill him? He was killed by Tidus, Yuna’s guardians and myself?” he said “you must use your hidden power to kill him for good.” I asked “how am I going to awaken this hidden power?” he said “stay in the Farplane, and do some training until you’re ready.”


I did train in the Farplane until my corrupted side appeared, I said “the final battle against you.” It smirked and began to summon something, I attacked head on and whatever it summoned hit me to the ground. When I saw what hit me against the ground, I was in shock because the summoned beast was actually all the Aeons fused into a huge beast and among the Aeons was no other than my father, I said “you…you’re…my father, dad, what happened to you?” before he could answer me my corrupted self merged with it and attacked me.

I tried to hold it off without hurting it, but I kept getting knocked around by it until all my friends appeared and said “aim for the Aeons” I said “I will aim for my corrupted self.” They nodded and I yelled “DAD, I WON’T LOOSE YOU AGAIN!” drawing Atonement and Tetsume and when I had both Atonement and Tetsume out they fused into a sword I’ve never seen before, Cid and the elder were watching me fight it and the elder said “your true power is awaking” then I felt a little strange then a surge of energy burst from my body and before I knew it, ice formed and when I looked at my reflection and saw I had golden-white-blue-silver hair, my eyes were silver and I looked more dangerous than when I have all my sides united. Then all my sides united and I became even stronger. When it attacked me again I blocked its attack with one finger, the elder was scared because I reached my true power and ascended past it. I yelled “THIS IS IT YOU UGLY SON-OF-A-B****, LET MY FATHER GO!” I aimed for my corrupted self and released a blast that could destroy the universe twice, when it hit him, he absorbed the blast and shot it right back at me tainted. I dodged the blast just by a nanometer. The elder yelled at me “USE YOUR GODDAMN SWORD!” I heard him and I nodded and pulled my new sword out and charged at him.


It formed a sword and I knew the sword very well from all the goddamn fights I had with it, The Slayer of Souls but the sword was different. During the fight, it used all the Aeon’s powers, when I got hit by the Slayer of Souls, something awakened in me and in response I said “Kamehameha!” blasting him with a huge beam. When that happened I looked at the scout droid and the elder was trembling really badly. It struck at me again and I did the same thing, I asked the elder “what did I just do?” he said “you have…learned the sacred technique, the Kamehameha.” I said “cool” I turned towards my opponent and said while focusing my power “Ka…Me…ha…me...” it attacked and I finished “Ha!” blasting it with all my energy. When the beam hit him, it vaporized most of its body, and then it regenerated and used my new technique against me and I dodged the beam and said to myself “goddamnit, I forgot it can learn attacks from its opponent, so I have to beat it by using all my power, even if it kills me.” I powered up and said to it “I’m just getting started” the elder started screaming at me, but I ignored him, it used my new attack but I found out he is vulnerable to attack in the back, I got behind him and did a point-blank range “Angel arm” attack which caught him by surprise.


After I did that, I let him regenerate and enrage he used my new attack again and I used the Kamehameha against him, both of our beams collided, and Sora cut my father free from its body and got him to safety, he told me he freed my father and that I can become reckless. It was intense because both it and I were using all our energy to try to push the opponent’s beam towards him. Then my father woke up and said to me “you’re stronger than it and I know it.” I yelled back to him “I’ve used up most of my energy, how can I continue to hold him off.” He walked right beside me and used his power to give me a boost of energy, but after he did that, my corrupted self shot a blast and killed my father. Right when that happened I started crying, then an android walked up to me and said “I know you lost your father, you want to avenge his death but in order to do that release your feelings.” Then my corrupted self destroyed the android I yelled “Android 16!” then I said “you loved life, you would give anything for it, and I just let you die, AND I WONT WATCH THIS ANYMORE!!!” after I said that I lost it, I jumped out of the way of its beam and I did release my anger, and I began to transform, Sora and Zero began to be pulled towards me and I fused with them, then Kosongto appeared and fused with me as well as Kaze. When the bright light subsided there was someone who was standing there he was wearing tattered chain paints, a torn black T-shirt, no shoes, a torn leather jacket, one ear pierced and he had a spiked necklace on, he had long gold-blue-silver-white hair, no pupils, his mark on his face and a lot of electricity cracking around him.
When I looked at Cheza she was scared at Vash’s new look, I told her “Cheza, he transformed by using his anger and love for his father and Android 16, he may look evil but I know he’s pissed at his corrupted self for both of their deaths.” She looked up at me and she asked “is he really that angry at his shadow?” I nodded then she looked at the screen again and continued watching Vash’s fight, Tsume was nervous and he walked out of the command center, Tobee was scared at Vash’s new appearance, Hige was backed up against a wall shivering.


After I transformed I looked at my corrupted self and saw he didn’t expect me to transform into a very pissed off Super Sayjin-Horteka-wolf-demon-dragon who is in his Extreme-Super Sayjin form, on the edge of tearing you to pieces at any sign of movement. He used my new attack against me and I used mine, I over powered him easily and destroyed him. I destroyed him that way he can’t come back.


When I emerged from the Farplane in my new form, everyone gathered around me and was asking way too many questions, after a few minutes I returned to normal. I tried to go into my new form but I couldn’t, I asked the elder why I couldn’t go back into that form and he told me that I would have to stay in the Farplane in order to use my new form outside the Farplane. I trained in the Farplane until I got the hang of transforming. I still visit Season bringer; I told him everything that I learned from the elder, he was quite shocked when I told him that. I took him to the Farplane and introduced him to my father, Season bringer was happy to meet my father and my brother. He asked me “can you please show me your real power.” I asked “why do you want to see my true power?” he responded “I want to spar with you” I said “alright, but if I accidentally kill you, it’s not my fault.”


Season bringer and I did some stretches then we started sparing, the truth is I was scared to transform, he saw it in my eyes and he told me “I know you’re scared to transform, but trust me because I know what I’m doing” I nodded and started to transform into a Super Sayjin when Corrupted Blade appeared and possessed Season bringer, I yelled “Season Bringer!” he attacked me and I had to free Season bringer from my corrupted self without hurting him, I realized Corrupted Blade’s original body was destroyed and the only way it could remain in my world is by stealing someone else’s body. I hated him after I found that out, I was really getting sick and tired of Corrupted Blade, I transformed and used Claw of Exorcism and freed Season bringer from him and used Claw of Oblivion which destroyed him and erased him from the universe. Season bringer thanked me and he saw my true power and my new form, he saw why I didn’t want to transform, it was because I barely have control of my new form. After I went back to normal he told me something that surprised me he said “Blade, I have something to tell you.” I said “what’s up?” then he said “Blade, I…I’m your older brother” I screamed “MY OLDER BROTHER? HOW CAN YOU BE MY BROTHER WHEN WE WERE BORN IN DIFFERENT FAMILIES?” he said “I was born two years before you were born, I was born with the power over the seasons.” I asked “how could you transform into a Super Sayjin when you’re a pure dragon?” he said “I also have Sayjin blood flowing though my veins like you do.” I thought to myself “I can’t believe it, a dragon; my brother? What the fuck is going on?” I started crying and said “you’re lying, I saw my family die, I saw them die and I couldn’t stop the hunters from killing them! I wish I could go back in time and prevent them from dying!” Season bringer said “you can” I looked at him and he repeated “you can save them, but you will alter the present” I thought about that for a moment then said “I will take that risk in order to save my family” he shook his head and I said “I will get their DNA and have them cloned then I will stop time and replace them with the clones, and bring my real family to the present.” And I did go back in time, got their DNA samples, got them cloned, and I brought the clones with me to the past. I waited until the hunters appeared and I froze time and replaced my real family with the clones.


I brought them to the present and said to Season bringer “I told you I could do it and no damage to the fabric of time.” He nodded and when my parents regained their senses, they panicked; I told them “its okay, you’re safe now.” They looked at me in confusion so I told them the truth about myself and showed them my birthmark. My mom said “Kibasu! Look at you you’re all grown up” I told them “my real name is Kibasu but I prefer to be called Blade.” She said “that name is too violent for a sweetie like you.” I said “watch the Most Wanted Criminals on TV; you might see me listed on it.” They did watch it and saw my name and what crimes I’ve done, that surprised them. I told them how I became one of The World’s Most Wanted. I told them why the Police gave up on hunting me; they stopped hunting me because I was too much of a threat to them by personally destroying Police stations, blowing up army bases, breaking the speed limit, leveling cities and many more. When I told them that they were shaking their heads in disbelieve that I did all those crimes. I told my mom about the Farplane and my corrupted self.


Later that day... I asked Yuna to sing “Bring me to life” for my parents and she agreed, while she was getting ready, I was doing the same. That night she was on the deck of the Airship, she started singing it and I came out and was playing the Electric guitar, I also had a microphone and I did the male voice in the song, Tidus was playing the an electric guitar, Wakka was playing the drums Rikku played the keyboard. On the screen behind us it was showing something jawesome, Tidus and I sung “Runaway”. He was wearing his Gothic clothing and he had his sword on him I looked over at Cheza while she was watching the concert, she looked confused at the way Blade was dressed. After that song, I put on one recording of Avenged Sevenfold’s concert, they played “Unholy Confessions” just to pretty much make a mash pit, but I got my parents out of there before the song started.


While I was looking at the stars to read the prophecies of the world, I saw a legend in the stars that said “the darkness that was banished by light, will return and try to plunge the world into shadow, thus the chosen one will face the shadow again and banish it again” after I read that I was confused, because Sora and I have defeated the darkness together, then I got a transmission from Sora, he said “I have bad news” I asked “what’s the bad news?” he said “the Heartless have returned and are trying to plunge all the worlds in to the shadows” I said “dammit, how stubborn are these pieces of shit? They get their asses kicked and they comeback for more.” He said nothing and I said “I’ll be right there.” I told my parents about my mission and they begged me not to go, but I told them “I’ll be okay so you don’t have to worry about me.” I gave them a scout droid to watch me fight the Heartless. When I got there Sora had his hands full and I put on Linkin Park – Runaway, when it came on I pulled Tetsume out and used the Wind Scar against the Heartless. It did take out a lot of them but more came and I said “I will regret this later, but I will take the risk” Sora asked me “the risk?” I said “I’m going to become a demon” he screamed “WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?!” I said “I know what I’m doing” and I changed the song to Evanescence – Lies, and right when it came on I held Tetsume out to the side and dropped it, I told Sora “run, because when I do transform I will kill everything that I see” he nodded, picked up Tetsume and ran.


I let a Heartless hit me down, they began to slash, claw and bite me until I was near death, then I transformed. When Blade transformed his eyes were blood red, claws extended, fangs became longer and he had marks on the side of his face. He then began the slaughter of the Heartless; it was scary because he took pleasure in killing everyone that he sees. It took him two hours to kill all of them, after he killed all of them, he was gloating over how he killed them easily, I then remembered he told me that he is wearing the necklace Kagone gave him, I told her and Cid put the speaker on for the droid and she yelled “SIT BOY!” he fell on his face and returned to normal, I gave Tetsume back to him. Aboard the Airship, we watched him transform and brutally kill the Heartless.


I knew about the risk and I took it to save Sora, but my soul became more tainted from that transformation. I got a transmission from Season bringer and he said “The Eye of Terror is back” I said “finally, I can use my true power and all my sides united and vaporize the ugly mother fucker once again, but this time, I’m going to use all my power.” Sora looked at me scared I asked him “you want to tag along?” he said “yea” I opened a portal to The Eye of Terror’s location, I gave Sora a mask and he saw it, The Eye of Terror, the home of my ultimate enemy: Chaos. Zero was with me as well. I yelled “I’m baaaack.” Nothing happened and I used my Telekinesis to throw an asteroid into the eye, after I did that, corrupted Space Marines, demons and Chaos ships came out of it and I yelled “remember me?” most of Chaos didn’t but the Dark Gods did remember me. the Dark Gods sent all their minions at Sora, Zero and myself, I pulled Tetsume out, Sora pulled out his Keyblade and Zero pulled his Z-Saber out and we began to slash Chaos’s forces to bits, the Dark Gods pulled their weapons out and charged at us.

It was hard to hold their forces back and fight them as well, I got hit a couple times, but I didn’t care because I was too focused on fighting the Dark God who I was enslaved to. I put on Avenged SevenFold’s - Unholy Confessions and when it came on I began to transform into my new form, but this time my power was at least 900x stronger than it was in the Farplane. The elder yelled into the radio “NO, DON’T TRANSFORM, YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THAT POWER!” I said calmly “don’t have a heart attack old man; I know what I’m doing.” When Blade said that, the elder was shocked to hear that from him, I asked the elder “What happened to him?” the Elder told me “he, has no personality when he is in that form.” I yelled to him “Goddamnit Blade, obey the elder because he has been around longer than you have” he said “Fuck off” I was pissed off at him, but I kept my cool. When he turned his back on me I realized I have no kindness in this form so I said into the radio “I’m sorry for being an asshole to you” he turned around and said “thanks” I gave him a thumbs up and I went back to my fight with Chaos. I yelled “THIS IS IT CHAOS, YOUR DEATH IS AT HAND! NOW, DIE YOU GODDAMN, MOTHER FUCKERS, PIECES OF SHIT, AND GO TO HELL YOUR UGLY SON-OF A-B****!” and I focused all my energy into my hands and I used the Spirit Bomb and threw it into The Eye of Terror’s heart and Zero used his charged Buster to destroy the bomb.


After the Spirit Bomb detonated, I had to be taken to the Farplane to recover by using the Farplane’s energy. We laid Blade next to a pool of water and helped him drink from it, he told us “go, take care of the stragglers of Chaos.” I said “I won’t leave you to die here” he said “I won’t, because I have my brother and father to keep me company while you kill the rest of Chaos.” When Sora emerged from the Farplane, he was shaking his head, everyone started crying for Blade, and then he said “Blade won’t be able to fight for a couple months, he’s resting in the Farplane, and he told me to tell you not to visit him because he needs to be with his family in the Farplane.” I told Yuna to stay with him and help him drink Farplane water, which has incredible healing properties. Cheza wanted to see him but I stopped her and said “he’s in good hands, but I’ll let you go see him,” and I let her pass and then millions of people wanted to see him so they tried to get though, but I had trouble holding them back so Lulu helped by casting Firaga, which helped hold them back. I yelled to Rikku “use the Songstress Dressphere and sing them something” and she did.

Deep in the Farplane I still couldn’t move because of my injuries, Cheza appeared and helped me eat some soup. Above ground, the people still wanted to see Blade so I asked Cid if he could have a scout droid keeping an eye on him and he did send the droid down there and it did watch him, I put on monitor to have the people see how he is doing in recovery. Jesus Christ some of the guy’s are fucking perverts, who are trying to look at my panties, so I drew my sword and cut a pervert’s hand off for squeezing my ass, Rikku is also having the same problem as me then Wakka came up to me and said “geez Paine to the guys here you’re attractive to them” I said “they touch me and they will get hurt” I let Tidus though because he is a good friend to Blade, Paine and Rikku were still getting harassed so I cast Thundaga and it scared the perverts and she slashed one of them. I let Wakka and Lulu though to have some time alone to care for their son, who is extremely adorable.

Back in the Farplane A Moogle appeared and brought some medicine to help me recover, I knew the Moogle, whose name is Kupo, I met him when I was in Traverse Town, well, more like saved him from the Heartless and in return he gave me all the key chains for my Keyblade except one: the Ultimate Weapon key chain, so in order to get the Ultimate Weapon, I have to gather the supplies for it, but since I’m hurt badly, I cant. I asked Tidus to find the resources for it but, Kupo said “you don’t have to go look for the supplies.” I asked “why, the resources are all over the world” then he said “they are all located in here” then I asked Tidus to search the Farplane with Kupo for the supplies. 2 hours later they found all the resources for the last keychain, Kupo said he would go synthesize the items to make it and when he returned he gave it to me and I pulled out my Keyblade and attached it. Right before my eyes my Keyblade began to glow and change shape, when the bright light dimmed, I was holding the strongest Keyblade in the world.


I asked Kupo if he could fuse all the keychains into one, he did do it, he told me “it’s very unstable, so be careful when using it” I said “I will” I asked Sora to come and cast Curaga on me and when he did most of my wounds healed quickly so, I got up and began to leave the Farplane. Above ground when Blade emerged, everyone began to rush him, I couldn’t stop them, and then Blade held his Keyblade above his head and said “the power is incredible, so I will have to be careful.” Then Sora told me the rich snobs’ plans and I said “let’s go and crash that party, by sneaking in and look like you’re enjoying the party until I give you the signal.” They nodded and we got ready for the party.


2 hours later we arrived at the party and got into our positions waiting for the opportunity to crash it. Blade took care of the security; Tobee took the role in disabling the power, Hige was look out, Tsume waited on the stairs, Kiba waited on a chandelier and I acted as a butler. Blade entered though an open window and used his speed to get onto a chandelier and said to Tobee “cut the power.” And he did, when the lights went out for a minute I jumped down from my hiding spot and when the lights came on I was wearing sunglasses, black trench coat and I was holding a minigun in each hand and said sarcastically “Where’s the party?” the snobs yelled out “Guards, kill them” I open fired destroying all the priceless articles and killing hundreds of guards and I yelled into my radio “Now!” then the rest of my team appeared and began slaughtering the guards. Five minutes later the mansion is in ruins and the floor is stained with blood, I said “I had a fun time, so see ya” and left with my team. That was probably the best party to crash because my team and I caused a trillion dollars worth of damage or more.


The amount of casualties the snobs have was in the thousands. While I was walking out I grabbed a beer but I didn’t expect what would happen to me when I drank the beer I felt a little strange but I ignored it until I felt pain shoot though my body and I screamed out in pain. Sora, Tsume, Kiba, Hige and Tobee surrounded me asking me questions; I finally manage to yell “GET AWAY FROM ME!” they kept asking questions and I yelled “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” and my shirt began to tear and wings shot out of my back and they ran, when my transformation was done, I asked “what happened?” Sora said “look in a mirror” when I did I screamed and fell over backwards, I could not believe what just happened to me. I became a dragon who is pure black I knew some dragon hunters but I had to hide until I could return to normal again. I found a place to stay it was a barn; I hid in the loft and waited.


Later that night I was meditating when a kid entered the barn and began to climb the ladder to the loft and I quickly lied down and kept my eye on the ladder, when the kid got up into the loft I held my breath and the kid took one look at me and began to scream when I grabbed him with my tail and told him telepathic “be quiet, I don’t want to get caught and killed by hunters.” He nodded I said “look kid, I need to stay hidden until I can control this body, and don’t tell anyone, if you do I will have to kill you and your family got it?” then my stomach growled, I then said “return here with food every night, because if you don’t your entire family will die” he nodded. He did bring me food and kept me company for awhile until his father got suspicious and came out to see what was going on in their barn Hige alarmed my team and I, I told Hige to keep him distracted until I was hidden