Part 4
The Search for Paradise Begins


3 years later

I was hanging out with some friends, when I smelled someone very familiar, when I traced the scent to its source, I yelled “Kekanu? I killed you three years ago” he said “so you were the one who killed my brother.” I said “Yea, so, what’s your point?” “For killing my brother, I will kill your loved ones” I said “you wouldn’t dare to do that, because if you do, I’m going to hunt you down and make you pay dearly” he just laughed and cast a paralyze spell on me, so I couldn’t stop him from killing my friends. Before he killed them, he shape-shifted to look like me, that surprised me, after he killed my friends, he began to destroy cities, looking like me. After the spell wore off I went searching for the imposter, but when I flew over a city everyone in it began to run and hide, I didn’t notice until I got shot down. After that happened I had about 600,000 guns pointed at me, the general said “for destroying 10 cities, you are under arrest” I told them “I didn’t do that, it was an imposter, I’m innocent” they just laughed, that ticked me off, I told them “I don’t care about what you think about me, I’m going to kill the imposter, and no ones going to stop me from doing so, SO GET OUT OF MY WAY!” then I flew straight up.


When I flew off that made me a convict, that didn’t bother me because I was too focused on hunting the friggin imposter. I followed the destruction, until I finally found the bastered who was giving me a real bad name.


When I found him, I rushed at him in anger; we fought for a long time, before I got hit into a cave. I flew out and continued fighting I got hit back into the cave and before I could strike back, a priestess shot an arrow, hitting me in the shoulder and pinning me up against a stalagmite, I said “Ki…Kikyo” before passing out.


20 years later

I stayed there for at least 20 years, a girl who accidentally fell into the cave where I was sealed, found me asleep. She played with my hair for a bit then some people found her and took her to their village, I think a demon attacked and she fled into where I was, but before she returned to the cave I woke up and said “the scent of the one who killed me… it’s drawing closer” when she came to where I was, the demon followed her and wrapped its self around her pulling her up against me and began to squeeze, I told her “if you don’t want to die, remove the arrow from my body” she reached up and an elder of that village yelled “don’t remove the arrow it contains the spell, that holds Vash to the stalagmite” she reached up and grabbed the arrow and yelled “LIVE AGAIN, VASH!” the arrow disintegrated and there was a flash of light and I destroyed the demon.


After I killed the fucking demon I went after her, the elder made something and threw it around my neck, I didn’t care, then the elder yelled “udder a word that stops him” she said “umm...Umm...” I said “paralyze spell? That won’t work on me” then she said “SIT!” after she said that I fell on my face, I said “what the fuck just happened, I will still kill you.” The elder said “you know what to do” “SIT BOY!” again I landed on my face. The truth is that every time I get a girl she, ether tries to kill me or try to seal me away. I hated that phrase, but I didn’t show it. When she was at school I would sometimes follow her, and watch. When I entered her room at night, I would find her asleep or working on her homework, when she is working on homework I would help her on one of her assignments, but every time I did she would yell “SIT” causing me to land on my face.
I told her nothing about my past, because it would endanger me. She didn’t like my clothes because they were tattered and my shoes were worn out, so she took me out shopping, man, she was annoying because we went into every shop in the fucking mall. I found some things I thought were cool, like a toilet with a built in ass cleaner, since I’m part wolf, well…put it together, I got kicked out of the store for drinking out of a toilet, and it was actually quite funny and gross. My robotic arm malfunctioned and I had to find a mechanic to repair it and I did.


She forced me to go with her to a museum, which I hated until we saw the new jewel that was in a display case, I recognized it as the jewel I lost. I muttered “so, there you are, I was looking all over for you.” She asked “who are you talking to?” I told her “that jewel you just saw, it’s mine” then I said “you look like some one I was in love with, until, hatred separated us.” I asked “what’s your name?” she said “Kagone” then she said “Vash, I heard from the elder, you were a bounty hunter, is that true?” I couldn’t believe it, how did she know about me? I was too shocked to speak, so I nodded.


We also found my swords, shotguns, climbing claws and my mask, which were in the museum, I told her “I’m going to steal my possessions back from the museum, so don’t worry about me” she wanted to come too, but I told her not to because it would endanger her. It took me at least an hour to relocate my items, but I had to make sure to disable the alarms that way I wouldn’t have the police on my ass when I escape. I punched though the glass, grabbing my items; I realized I tripped a silent alarm and that it would take the police 5 minutes to get here, so after I got everything I own back, I fled to the vehicle exhibit and found my last possession: my Ghost, the same one I used to break the speed limit about 600 times.


I started it up and made sure it was working, that way I could escape easily. I waited for the police to find me, when they did I put it in full throttle and released the brake. The next thing they saw and heard was an explosion and seeing a person with long hair riding a vehicle burst though the wall. I waited for the police to get into their squad cars and turn around and come after me. When I saw them approaching me, I turned my Ghost around and shot one shot, just to piss them off, when one of the cops leaned out his window holding a pistol, I turned my Ghost around and sped off. Three hours later…I managed to loose them, when I got back to Kagone’s house, she screamed at me, because she was watching the news and she saw my little “stunt”


Kagone woke me up with her scream, when I got to where she was, I asked her, sword ready “where’s the demon?” she said “I don’t have a science project and its due to day.” I asked “what’s your project on?” “wolves.” That sparked something in my mind “I’ll be your project.” “Really?” “Yea, because I bet they wont expect a real wolf to enter the classroom with you, but one thing, don’t put me into a cage.” Before school started I snuck into the air vent and was waiting for her to present her project, when it was time for her project, I burst out of the vent in my wolf-form, when I did that, every one in the room probability shit themselves from fright. After her project, everyone in the room wanted to touch me, but right when someone was going to touch me, I growled a warning which made him pull his hand back. Some asshole touched me and in response, I bit his hand off, I said telepath to the guy “I told you not to touch me, you jackass.” That scared him. I kept his hand as a trophy, but I felt sorry for him, so I found his house and jumped up on to the roof and scratched the window then I hid leaving his severed hand on the roof, when he leaned out the window to pick it up he saw me sitting there calm, he probably went insane, I don’t blame him.


I was out on the street looking for a store when I saw four boys and a girl running towards me, the leader smacked right into me and we both fell stunned for a second then he got up and continued running, I ran after them, then I smelled something about the girl, she had the scent of a flower. I ran right beside them and saw the boys’ true selves; the boys are wolves like me, I got in front of them and stopped them then said “you…you’re…wolves…like…me” one of them said “get out of our way, human” that pissed me off I yelled “I’M NOT HUMAN!” slugging him in the face, the girl walked over to me and said “he’s telling the truth, he is a wolf like you” then the leader said “Cheza, you sure?” she nodded and the leader went into his wolf-form, he is also white like me but he doesn’t have the mark I have on my face. Then she said “Vash, we meet at last.” I said “Cheza.” The leader was thinking “he has a different scent from the rest of us, but it seems he might be my brother, and how does she know him?” I learned his name from reading his mind, I said “Kiba, is that your name?” when I said that he looked at me like “how do you know my name?” so I told him. Tsume had his back turned to me, Tobee was nervous when I think he saw my sword and Hige was excited to meet me because I’m the most dangerous wolf in the world. When I heard about Paradise, I wanted to go as well, but I had to bring my things.


I told Kagone I was going away for a long time, she said “SIT” I fell on my face, I told her “look I’m not your pet, or your project.” Tearing the necklace off, but I did like the necklace, before I left she stopped me and gave me a necklace, with a symbol in it, I put it on and she said for the last time “SIT!” I fell on my face, this time I laughed because she gave me a home. I made sure to have her keep my Ghost safe in an underground garage. Then I left on my journey to find Paradise.


After we set off to find Paradise, we got ambushed; Cheza and I were taken to a laboratory for study, I was fighting back, so they tranquilized me. 3 hours later when I woke up I was in a cage, and Cheza was in another, I told her “we are going to Omega Sector 68903; it is a huge laboratory where it is impossible to escape from with out getting killed” she looked at me in confusion, so I told her, “I’m telepathic so that’s how I know where were going” some guys came in, and one took her one way, and another took me the other way. When the guy who led me into a room and he pushed me into a cage and locked it. I could sense Cheza in a room above me, I told her telepathic “I’m in the room below you, so don’t worry, I will tell Kiba where we are.” I focused as hard as I could to reach Kiba, but I couldn’t, so I used the communication satellite to amplify my signal. I heard Kiba say “who are you, and where are you?” “I’m at a laboratory called Omega Sector 68903 it is in the north about 400 miles; it is a badland, and it is heavily guarded so be careful, oh yea, this is Vash.” “Where’s Cheza?” “She’s in the same place I’m in” then my message got cut, the scientists probably found out I used their radio as an amplifier for my message.

3 days later

The scientists were conducting research on me, when an alarm went off, I sensed Kiba, Tobee, Tsume and Hige in the facility, I told them where I was, the scientists got scared when four wolves broke down the door, I jumped over the scientists and went into my wolf form and when they saw my mark they begged for mercy, I said “no, there will be no mercy, FOR KILLING MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!” and I killed all the scientists in the room. I left a message on the wall in blood that said “Blade was here” it was in view of a security camera, I think when the guards saw that, they made a mistake, guards used tranquilizers on me, but it had no effect, I realized I’m immune to Tranquilizers, from getting shot with them. Kiba found Cheza, and when I saw her, I said “this facility is going down, so get out of here as fast as you can.” When I sensed they were out of the facility, I plowed to the deepest part of the compound and powered up and aimed a blast into the ground. That was probably one of the stupidest things I’ve done because I left no time for me to escape the blast. When the facility blew up, I thought Vash was dead, until I heard “HERE I COME CHEZA!” and someone flew out of the explosion, it was Blade, he was wounded and his clothes were in rags but he is still alive. He said to me “I’m alright, how’s Cheza.” “She’s ok, but you scared her, from the thought of you dying” he walked a few feet before collapsing.


He did have a hard time walking; he said “Kiba, I’m sorry for making you worry about me.” Hige said “no problem, at least you’re okay, except for your leg” he looked down at his leg which is bleeding and had some bone showing. He said “I can recover from this wound, because I’ve recovered from more severe injuries like having most of my flesh burned off.” Cheza was with Tobee, still crying, I limped over to her and said “Its okay, I’m fine” when she saw me leaning on Kiba she hugged me, and then she saw my injury and began to heal it. I let her because the way she heals someone is more soothing than being cooped up in a hospital. I thought now that I destroyed the laboratory it would tell humanity not to capture and study me because all the labs I’ve been in, have been destroyed, but Kiba, Cheza, Tsume, Hige and Tobee were exhausted from running so I used the Transfer System that I gained from helping Zero fight against Copy X3, Zero also gave me a copy of his sword, and pistol which I like, using my mask’s radio, I told the Resistance Base I was bringing some friends to get some rest. I told Kiba and Cheza to hold on to me and I got transferred to the base, I did that twice.


Tobee was amazed at how big the base is, I went to the control center and I saw my old friend: Zero, I asked “where’s your old armor?” he gave a look then I remembered “oh yea, you gave it to me as a thank you gift, I need repairs for the armor, and some food.” Kiba and Cheza were hanging out in the control center, and then Ceil told me about a new Cyber Elf they found. When I saw it, the scent it had was the same as someone I know; I said “Elipso” when I said that, Ceil was surprised at what I just said. Then I continued “I haven’t seen you in years, how’s it going.” He said “I have bad news, another X was created.” I smiled my fun time smile Zero was with me. We both knew what we would have to do: find and kill Copy X. then Cyber Elf X appeared and said “you both have to be careful; this copy of me is far stronger than the last two.” X gave us the coordinates to Copy X’s hideout, Zero was going to Transfer over there but I told him “we cant because I sense an energy field around it, so we have to take a vehicle” I remembered I have a good friendship to Cid, I called Cid and told him “I need a ride now” I told the command center and they the Airship to the roof.


Zero and I both got into the Airship, Tidus, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka, Kemarhi, Paine, Yuna and Aroron were on it. 2 hours later we made it to the Copy X’s base Ceil warned us that it has anti-air defenses. I told Zero “I will disable the turrets.” I set our theme song to “Assault” and then I told Cid “When it comes on, dive bomb and let us grind down that wire”, when it came on, Cid did what I told him, the Reploids were shooting at us but that didn’t stop us, we destroyed the defenses and those Reploids Yuna was in her Gunner clothing and she open fired, Paine was in her classic Warrior clothing and Rikku was in her Thief clothing and they did their Y.R.P thing and I used my Psycho sphere and when it was done changing my clothing, I looked like a psychopath because I had a leather jacket, jeans a white shirt, hockey mask and a huge knife. When Tidus saw my clothes he began to back away slowly.


I told Cid to wait until both Zero and I come out of the base, it took Zero and I about five minutes to reach Copy X. when we reached him, I saw the person who I was hunting: Kekanu’s brother, the same mother fucker who killed my friends 24 years ago, I told Zero “go after Copy X, I will deal with this son-of-a-b***” he nodded and chased Copy X leaving Kekanu’s brother alone with me. I went to my mega form and he transformed to his demon form.


We both started fighting, we totaled the room and I got hit though the roof to where Zero and Copy X are fighting. It took Zero about an hour to kill Copy X, but I still had to kill Kekanu’s brother. The fight lasted for about two hours until I pulled the Z saber out and slashed him, when it cut him part of his body disintegrated, when that happened I realized only the Z saber could kill him, so I activated my armor which made me look like Zero but with a mark on his face. When I activated my armor, Zero and I were pulled towards each other, and then we fused, into someone who you don’t want to piss off, Zero and I became the Legendary Blade-Zero, I had golden armor with black boots and my eyes were white and my hair was golden-blue, when this happened I was in my mega form. The rage from my friends’ deaths caused my power to increase dramatically, but Copy X wasn’t dead yet when he took one shot at us, it stopped in mid air and disappeared, he panicked from what just happened, he powered up and released his strongest blast at us it hit our aura and disappeared, I said “you’re pathetic.” Raising my hand to his direction “Die” and I released the blast, which decimated the base.


After the blast subsided, there was someone in the crater with an aura around him, it was Copy X4, and he was exhausted from trying to keep his shield up I didn’t care because I wanted to see how long he would last against me, and so far he is very close to getting killed. I said “you’re tired already? You’re pathetic” he fired another blast at me, I was growing bored from his attempts to hurt me, so I got behind him and grabbed his head held him up and blew a hole though him, killing him instantly.


After the death of Copy X4, a portal opened and more demons came out and when they saw Kekanu’s brother dead, they started crying and saying “Kethongo, my son, who did this to you?” Kethongo said “It was him” pointing in my direction. They looked at me and I said sarcastically “I’m sorry for killing your son, how can I make it up to you for his death” they all rushed at me, they fucked up big time because I had my hand on Tetsiga, by the time they realized I had a sword on me, I was already behind them Tetsiga drawn. I slashed two of them in half, then the two I slashed in half regenerated, I realized I can’t use one sword on all of them. Then Sora appeared and struck one of them, I yelled “Sora, perfect timing.” He nodded and I drew my Keyblade out and Sora and I fused once again, holding the Omega Weapon. Kekanu’s family backed away scared from the sight of me, I also was fused with Zero, which makes me Blade-Zero Matrix.
Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Tidus, Wakka, Aruron, Lulu and Kimahri were on the Airship when I destroyed the base; the airship was high enough to avoid the blast. I think Cid used a scout droid to see what was going on. 2 hours later I managed to kill the rest of Kekanu’s family I knew if I didn’t destroy their bodies they could regenerate. After I did that I flew up to the airship and boarded it, when I entered the bridge every one gathered around me in amazement, then my fusion wore off and Sora, Zero and I split back into our normal selves. The Al Bed on the ship was asking questions to me in Al Bed, I understood them and knew the language very well.


I was relaxing in the bedroom, when an alarm went off and Cid said “report to the bridge ASAP” when I got there Cid showed me something that I hated on a computer screen: if you guess Kekanu your either stupid or retarded, it was Sin and Vagnagun, I screamed “"I say, dear chap, that is quite out of the ordinary."? SIN AND VAGNAGUN- ALIVE? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! THEY BOTH GOT DISTROYED!” then Cid said “they were-until now” “that’s it, they’re both going to fucking die” turning around and walking out the door when Tidus stopped me and said “you’re not going to kill them both alone, and I’ve got to tell you something: Sin… is… my… old man” I said “you mean Sin is Ject! Well that means killing Sin will be a lot more fun.” Cid said “now we have to locate them, which will be a problem” I said “I think I know how to find Sin” Sora and Zero looked at me confused, I said “Sin will always come back for his spawn, right Wakka, which means we have to find one and torture it until Sin comes.” Sora doesn’t like my brutal ways at all so I told him my plain. 2 hours later we were spread around the world looking for the Sin Spawn we need to find Sin. We found at least three of them and we captured them and went to Iraq, I entered the army’s H.Q. they said “you’re restricted from being here” I said “look, I’m on a mission to stop the world from being destroyed by two creatures.” After I told the army my mission they agreed to help.
I really didn’t give a fuck about what happens to Iraq. 3 hours later the army was suppose to do the torturing and Sora, Tidus, Wakka, Aruron Yuna, Rikku, Zero, Paine, Lulu, Kimahri and myself kept an eye out for Sin and Vagnagun. When Sin appeared, I said calmly “let’s get to work” we boarded the airship and I used my power to blow a hole in Sin, but I didn’t count on Vagnagun doing something I hated: it merged with Sin, making it stronger.


Sora, Zero and I fused again, but somehow I couldn’t reach my full power, so I told Cid “head to the artic, because there are too many people around and I’ll make it follow us.” He nodded and set the airship’s engine to full power and I stood up on the deck shooting blasts at it. When we got to the artic I told Cid to land the airship in the extinct volcano and Cid sent a Machina scout to watch me fight Vagnasin, I used the Super ice emeralds, went super Sayin stage 5 and activated my armor, I didn’t realize this until Vagnasin shot a blast at me and it hit me, but I didn’t feel any pain, when I opened my eyes the blast was stuck, I was wondering what was happening until I looked at my reflection in the ice and I saw I was wearing the Kanohi Vahi: the mask of time. Then something else happened some strange sand surrounded me and fused with the mask. Vagnasin shot another blast at me and I tried to block it but got my robotic arm blown off and before I got very pissed off, time stopped and began to rewind until my arm was attached back on my body, then I realized I reversed time by using that mysterious sand that surrounded me. I thought “I’m very pissed off and confused” someone approached me and said “that sand that surrounded you was the Sands of Time” I asked “who are you?” he said “I’m a prince from Babylon” I asked “a prince? Then what the fuck are you doing here?” he said “I have to warn you, the Time Guardian will come after you” I said “I don’t really give a shit about him, right now I have to save the world again.” He asked “can I help take him down?” I said “you can’t hurt it because it is a fusion of one creature and one machine called Vagnasin” he asked “where is it?” I said nothing but just pointed at it.
Right when he saw it he lost his nerve to fight it, then these strange creatures that appeared and were running at us, I recognized them as Sinscales, he asked “what are those things?” I told him “those are Sinscales; they come from Vagnasin’s skin.” He asked “skin?” I said “yea, and don’t get too close to Vagnasin because of its toxins” he said nothing then I said “the Sinscales are easy to kill but they attack in swarms” he pulled his sword out and began killing the Sinscales with ease and I focused on Vagnasin.

I united all my sides again and pulled Tetsume out and used the Wind-Scar technique which hurt it a little, and then I remembered that I can use the icy climate to my advantage and I did use the ice to increase my power for the Ultimate-Wind-Scar technique but I actually skipped the Ultimate form and accidentally went Omega. When I did use the Wind-Scar it destroyed one of its arms, then in response it dove beneath the ocean. I dove in and followed it until it went though a portal. I have a real bad feeling about what’s going to happen…