12th Jan 2010, 2:07 PM

Christian Humber Reloaded - The worst fanfiction in the world.

I was exposed to this masterpiece in a forum years ago, and I haven't been the same since. Truly a product of a deranged mind, Christian Humber Reloaded runs through every reason fanfiction is maligned by sane people. There is no anime or video game series it leaves untouched, and it's main character is the most absurdly powerful godlike being I have ever seen. At times he is good, others evil, but always, always all-powerful. His personality, name, and any defining characteristics cannot be kept straight for more then a paragraph. Fellow CHR devotee Kriegsaffe said it best.

"It is a terrible fanfic like many terrible fanfics, but it is different in a key, key fashion: It has the most powerful self-insertion character I've ever seen. I have no doubt that, in time, something new and worse will be offered, but few are so overpowered and at such length as Christian Humber, or shall we say Vash Blade Rarely-Referenced-To-And-Always-Different Last Name. Further, few have touched so many different fandoms in their Bad Places, to the point where damn near every internet nerd will have a favorite or reviled series of anime or game abused at some point. Watch as Christian Humber shows up everyone from the Space Marines to the Protoss to the Bionicle to Neo to Sora to Alucard (The One From Hellsing) to random street gangs to dragons to... notably, NOT Street Sharks. I assume it's Street Sharks he refers to, because he's a mutant shark wearing coconut armor, and, despite being gene-spliced to become a mutant shark, is nonetheless mostly cybernetic. He is the only character Christian Humber respects, seemingly to the point of arousal. The rest are fodder, an excuse for a new power or artifact or both."

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Portal Of Evil

Portal Of Evil
14th Oct 2010, 7:03 PM

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hey i was wondering

20th Feb 2011, 7:38 PM

Do you mind if i spruce this up a bit on my quizilla account? Who know maybe with proper grammar it could work out ;P at every chapter i'll have a disclaimer of course, the only things i'd change would be the grammar, and if things get too well... well they start to not make sense anymore hahaha i'd make sure it did. I just wanted your permission, so i wouldn't get in trouble of course.

Um yeah so i'll come back in a few days and just comment back to tell me yes or no.

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15th Oct 2013, 1:31 AM

Max Wolf Revolutions is the new Christian Humber Reloaded:

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