Part 3

When I went back to Metru Nui, I found I went back too far in time and I got ambushed by Visorak, and got captured, I blacked out, when I woke up I was in a cocoon and I ended up getting poisoned. I of course swore my ass off, the only thing that stopped my continues swearing was the effect of the poison kicking in, it felt like I was being torn a part then my robotic arm became an icy claw. I sort of freaked out when I was plummeting to my death, but something caught me. The next morning I was wondering were I was but I tripped and fell face first into a pool of water. I saw I was not myself anymore, I was an ugly mother fucker, I tried to get rid of my reflection, I asked myself “what happened to me?”A strange creature approached me and said“you’re a Horketa, and what’s your name?”I said “The name’s Blade, Chaos Hunter Blade” when I said that it backed away in fear I think. I stood up and began walking towards it, but every time I took a step it backed away a step, which began to annoy me so I used my speed and got behind it so it backed right up into me, I asked “why are you running from me? I wont kill you, unless if you keep doing what your doing right know.” It finally said “my name is Norik” I screamed “NORIK! DIDN’T YOU HELP VAKAMA WHEN HE WAS IN THE SAME FUCKING STATE I’M IN RIGHT NOW?!!” he said “I did, but you have to learn how to use your Horteka powers, like Vakama, but don’t take the same path he did.” I said “I won’t follow the path of darkness; the path of light is the only path that I will take.” He introduced me to the rest of the Rahiga; I personally like Iruni because he’s hilarious.


I was exploring the Metru I was in, the Metru was in ruins, from my knowledge of Metru Nui, and I was in Le-Metru, everything but one aircraft hanger was destroyed. I had an encounter with a Rahi, before I could use Tetsume; something on my back activated and scared it. I was wondering what just happened, when Norik appeared and told me “it was lonely and you would act the same way.” I told him “that’s nothing new to me because I’m always alone; I WAS BORN AS A FUCKING STRAY!” smashing something. I looked at what I just did, he told me “be careful of your anger, because it will cause the poison to work faster.” “I DON’T CARE; I JUST WANT TO BE MY OLD FUCKING SELF AGAIN!” I said in frustration, he just shook his head.


When I was, getting a drink of water, I saw what I believed to be the Toa Horketa, I followed them, until I saw smoke coming from the Great Temple, I said in my mind “who did this and why?” I helped dig Norik out from the rubble, after that Norik told the toa and I “follow the tears to Ko-Metru until they reach the sky.” After hearing that I did go with the Toa and Norik to Ko-Metru, I found out they do reach the sky, I followed the Toa into the structure and in the middle was a pool, Matau made a sarcastic remark, which was “it’s Keetongu, Not” I could tell he wanted to change back to his normal self again. Norik said something and the water rippled and on a small ice berg was a figure sitting cross legged. Norik said “Keetongu!” I asked “Keetongu, so that’s him” Norik said “yes that’s him, that’s Keetongu.” It said something in a way different language; that I could not understand it at all. The toa told Keetongu what happened and I heard that the one who lit the Great Temple on fire was Vakama, I screamed “I’M GOING TO KILL THE SON-OF-A-B**** FOR BURNING THE GREAT TEMPLE!” Norik told me to calm down, but how can I calm down when a friend almost burned a holy temple to Metru Nui down? Whenua smack me over the head and I calmed down.


Norik told me where the Matrorin might be, so I told the toa and Norik that I was going to run ahead and have a little “fun” and they let me, I used one of my scout droids to check where the Visorak’s kill zone was, but I found out the fortress was heavily guarded, I didn’t care because I have infiltrated a more heavily guarded place, but instead of infiltrating I decided to enter “the more traditional way” which was blow everything to hell. I did by waiting until night and I got Wing-Zero’s beam rifles ready, I was giving the horde a nice little “I’m here” present. When the toa arrived I told them what I set up as a way of entering, Matau screamed “YOUR GOING TO DISTROY THE GATE TO THE COLISEUM?” I said “keep your voice down or else my element of surprise will be destroyed” sharply, when Keetongu arrived I yelled “HEY, BASTERDS, KNOCK-KNOCK” over a loud speaker and pulled the triggers. The look on the Visorak’s faces would be classic if they had emotions. It was so funny when their front door was blown off its hinges inwards by the blast. I calmly stepped into the entrance and turned the music which proves to be my killing spree theme song which is Assault.


I made sure that I was prepared to go insane, by having my demon and Horteka sides’ combine to become too dangerous in that state, I also went to my ultimate form. Then my theme song came on and there were thousands of Visorak charged me, I pulled Tetsume out and used my ice claw to tell them “you’re screwed” they didn’t realize that until most of them were dead. About a hundred Visorak grabbed me, they made a very fatal mistake, I powered up, flinging them into walls, and I was a killing machine when I have certain songs come on. Keetongu was climbing the wall, while I was clearing a path for the toa.


While I was clearing visorak out of my way, I got hit by someone or something, when I recovered I saw Kosongto, my brother. I knew he was still being possessed by the demon I almost killed before, but this time I would make sure the demon would die and go to hell. I used only my claws to fight and it was intense, most of the floors were destroyed by the fight. I screamed “THIS IS IT YOU GODDAMN, UGLY MOTHER FUCKER LET MY BROTHER GO!” and I used an ancient technique called claw of exorcism, it didn’t kill Kosongto, but it killed the demon that controlled him. He was wondering what happened and where was he, I told him “you’re in Metru Nui, and how’re you feeling?” he said “I feel like shit and very tired” I pick him up and carried him to a place, where he could be safe, he asked me “what happened to you?” I told him “you need to rest” he said something that sounded like “you’re a Horteka; I always wanted to be one.” I was surprised he said that, I said “you’ll hate it, because you have no idea how hard it is just to keep your self from losing control” I remembered that I have a mission, Norik approached me and said “I will keep an eye on him, go, the toa need you now” I said “thank you” I then yelled “HERE I COME VAKAMA, TO SHOW YOU WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE AN UGLY BEAST!” going though the floors towards to roof.


When I reached the roof I saw Matau and Vakama fighting each other, I joined in, and so it was two vs. one fight, I got knocked off the roof, while I was falling my powers kicked in and I flew back up to the roof and slugged Vakama square in the face, he responded to getting slugged, he almost knocked me off again but ended up getting a shotgun barrel up against his forehead, I heard Matau scream for help, because he was hanging on by a limb, I tried to help him up but I missed his hand, the next thing I know Vakama jumps off and I jumped as well, when I got on the ground I saw a huge crater, in it was Keetongu I said in my mind “Keetongu!, no, I was too late, I failed to save Keetongu” the next thing I saw was Keetongu killing Sidorak. I told Keetongu “damn, you smashed that fucker to bits” then a huge projectile hit and the toa and I were thrown down, but I hit the wall.


Rodeeka was riding a huge Visorak, she was very ugly, and when I called her that she grabbed and held my throat, finally something happened, my spinner finally activated and I released the shot, it hit her right in the face, I used my shotgun and shot, placing six slugs in her ugly face, then the toa released their spinners, finally Vakama shot last, but when she hit the ground, a huge red smoky hand came out of her chest and grab her body, then disappeared a black stone dropped and Vakama said “ her heart stone, it belongs to Makuta.” Norik said “do you know what you done? You have broken the seal that held Makuta.” I could not believe what I just heard I yelled “WHAT? MAKUTA IS STILL ALIVE?!” I forgot that he gets killed by Takanuva. Norik said “what was that?” I said “it’s nothing.” I picked up the black stone then the toa called me over and asked me what I was doing with the black stone, I told them everything, Keetongu and I were in the middle, Keetongu used his power to turn the toa back to normal and I got back to my original form again, but I kept my Horteka powers. I had Keetongu’s and my powers combine to make the soil bullet: Shadow Black, my shotgun and Magun got powered up and I used the Magun to open a path to Mata Nui. When we got there I stood back and watched the toa become Teraga, after their transformation I walked over, kneeled and said “toa, no, Teraga, it was an honor to fight along your side for Metru Nui.” Vakama walked over and said “thank you Blade for helping.” I said “no problem, but I forgot to do something” he asked “what’s that?” I powered up and sent the blast into the ocean and screamed “DON’T EVER BURN ANOTHER GREAT TEMPLE, IF YOU DO I WILL COME BACK HERE AND MAKE YOU REGRET IT, okay?” he nodded, and I said “good” I looked at my watch, and said “shit, I should really got to get going, because I’m screwed if I don’t get back home.” I waved goodbye.


I was right about getting busted, because I was gone for a year, I got grounded for a month for being away that long. I Sometimes I have my Horteka side show, but I got arrested again for killing someone, so I rarely show that side.


After I got off being grounded, I went back to the ruined Metru Nui and I helped clear the rest of the visorak, but something went wrong, the toa and I were transported in our Horteka forms right in the middle of a football game. The whole game came to a screeching halt, I yelled “umm, hi?” over a loud speaker we heard the announcer say “these strange creatures appeared out of nowhere” then the police and army came in, I said “looks like we will have to fight to get out, but don’t kill anyone- then I got shot in the shoulder and I resumed what I was saying “on second thought, lets show these people what its like to face six Horteka and one very pissed demon-Horteka, ready?” they nodded and I set my theme song to “Battle” and said “here we go.” Right when my song came on I fired my spinner at the crowd, killing at least 15 people. 3 hours later everyone who was there was killed, I think it was called The Super Bowl XXXXXIII Massacre because all 6,000,000 people were killed, including the cops.


We had to run though the streets with about all of Miami’s police force hot on our tails, everyone were out with their guns shooting at us, I yelled back” keep dodging, I’ll fall back and take out the bogies” and I did then I caught up to the toa and found them pinned on the ground so I used my ice claw and struck the ground, freezing the cops. 10 hours later we finally made it out of Miami. We went into hiding to avoid being taken to area 51. I opened a portal to Metru Nui and the when the cops found us, I was the last one to enter the portal, after I stepped though I started to close the portal but a cop got though, so I gave him to the visorak, to mutate but I told them “don’t turn him into Horteka, turn him into a freak of nature.” They did and I sent him back to my world and though a small portal, we watched him get taken to area 51. I don’t know how he is, and I don’t want to know ether. 3 months later, I went back to area 51 to check up on the freak of nature, when I saw him I laughed and the scientists found out I made the cop a freak, so I had to escape and I almost did when I got tranquilized.


When I woke up I was in a cage, I started to swear at them, when they electrocuted me, when that happened a flashback came to me after that flashback, and I remembered this is the same incident happened to me when I was a cub. I said “déjà vu” the scientists were confused until I started talking to my self about what happened to me. I then remembered scientists killed my brother and I broke out and escaped.


After I escaped, I went back to the Artic and when I went back to the extinct volcano, I saw Kosongto helping out in collecting herbs, I called out “Kosongto, don’t pick the plant with three leaves because it’s poisonous.” He looked up and saw me standing on a rock and said “Blade, thank you for rescuing me.” I said “No problem, that’s what being brothers is about.” Another wolf approached me and said “the elder wants to see you and Kosongto.” Kosongto and I looked at each other, then when we found the elder he told us “the swords on the back wall are the swords created for both of you, Blade, your sword is on the top and Kosongto yours is on the bottom” we both picked our swords, I drew Tetsume out and looked both swords I, was holding are the same sword but something happened and Tetsume and the other sword I was holding merged. I asked “what just happened?” the elder told me that both swords became one, the True Tetsume. There was an explosion and I smelled humans again and the same demon I killed twice already, Kekanu, I was not his first target, his target was Kosongto, Kekanu killed him with ease. That pissed me off and I used Tetsume, which didn’t even scratch him, I was going to give up when Kosongtu’s sword glowed, and Tetsume did the same, the elder told me that the third sword was glowing, then right before my eyes all three swords fused and in each of the gems on them shot out a very similar symbol, the three virtues: Unity, Duty and Destiny, I found out Tetsume, Tetkume and Wolf Claw are the real swords that held a virtue, Tetsume is the sword of Destiny, Tetkume is the sword of Duty and Wolf Claw is the sword of Unity. I then used Tetsume and it scratched him, I remembered I must have the virtues in my heart, but I only had one of the virtues then the Toa Nuva, metru and Horteka appeared and the toa and I held Tetsume and yelled “UNITY, DUTY AND DESTANY!” when we said that Tetsume glowed and I used it against Kekanu. This time I slashed him to pieces and used my powers to destroy him completely. Again I went to my ultimate form and killed all the humans, but I didn’t finish Kekanu when he got back up the look on his face was classic because all my sides were united, wolf, Sayin, demon and Horteka, which means your extremely screwed.


He backed up in fear, from ether sensing my power level or by seeing my aura, which is a gold-silver color. I set my theme to be “Live and Learn” when my theme came on, I said “bring on, ugly.” He rushed at me, but he couldn’t land a hit on me because I was too damn fast, so he went to his demon form, he almost matched my speed and strength but he couldn’t. The elder saw I wasn’t in my ultimate form, but my mega form: my eyes are pure white; my hair is a gold-blue-white color and there is a hell lot more electricity flashing around me. Season bringer sensed both my transformations, and he sensed my power level and came to see what had a power level that high, he saw Kekanu and he realized the one with a power level so high, not even the strongest scouter could measure it without blowing up, was me, when I saw him he backed away in fear, I quickly stunned Kekanu, and walked towards season bringer and he kept backing up until I told him “why are you running from me? I’m not going to hurt you” he said “get back before I’m forced to kill you.” I said “season bringer, it’s me, Blade.” He said “Blade, is that you?” I said “of course dumb ass, who would call you by your name?” he asked “what happened to you? You look different.” Then Kekanu stood up and struck season bringer to the ground, when that happened, I just lost it. In about 3 seconds I ripped Kekanu from limb to limb then I blasted him after I tore his heart out again, this time I sent him to heaven, where it’s hell for demons.


After I killed Kekanu, my corrupted self appeared and the elder told me that Chaos Blade was no other than my shadow that got separated from me, when Chaos controlled me. The elder told me in order for Chaos Blade to stay in this world he would have to absorb people until he has enough power to stay in my world. He was almost transparent, and then he ran to a city, I followed and saw him shoot out these tentacles and suck a civilian into his body, in about three hours he absorbed everyone in the city. He did that to two cities, the third time I saw him absorb the residents in the third city, and something happened, I have learned how to absorb things. I had to learn how to absorb things and I did in about 2 hours then I found Chaos Blade, he was not transparent anymore, so I killed the demon in him, then used that absorption technique and I was finally restored to my complete self and in doing so I was a hell lot stronger, but when I got punched in the stomach and I spit him out. I had to find a new way to stay complete; I used the merge skill and became one.


After I became whole again, I hacked into Area 51’s data base and found something I did not like, it was that Area 51 was using humans as food for Chaos in order to bring The Eye of Terror back. I told Season Bringer what I found; he didn’t like my discovery at all. I told Season bringer what I did to reach my full power; he backed away after hearing I merged with my corrupted self thinking I would become evil, but I told him “I killed the demon that had my shadow, so you don’t have to be afraid anymore.” He sighed a relief until I told him “I’m not going to let Area 51 revive the Eye of Terror, if it is all my efforts to weaken it would have been in vain” I marked on a map of the United States where it is.


I showed Season Bringer where Area 51 is and after I told him what he was supposed to do he did make a good distraction to allow me to infiltrate the faculties, I reached the security control center and locked the door. Over a com channel that only I and Season Bringer use I told him “I’m in, so you can tell the toa, the Gattling cannons will be disabled to allow you to enter” I turned all the cameras off, so when the toa and Season bringer entered they would not get caught. The way I infiltrated was the ventilation duct; I made sure I found the security control center; I carefully removed the grate, climbed down and slit the officer’s throat and hid his corpse in the vent. When season bringer asked how I knew this place, I told him “it is sort of like the lab where I escaped from when I was only six, does that answer your question?” he said “yea it does, but how did you become telepath?” I told him “the experiments they did on me” then a banging on the door happened and I said “shit, quick hide.” He did and I sat in the chair and opened the door when an officer entered and asked “any thing new happen?” I said “nope, just the normal boring shit.” He said “okay, I was just checking up on you” he was turning around when I locked the door. He asked “what are doing?” I said in my normal voice “getting a little revenge” spinning the chair around that way he could see my face, he screamed out “OH, SHIT, IT’S BLADE!” then I killed him and put the officer’s body in the air vent with the other corpse.


I was looking for the lab that had a portal and I found it in sector 40. I wrote the sector’s name down and stripped a corpse of its clothing and put on my costume and walked out after I told season bringer to wait for me outside the base. The toa also dressed up as security guards when I entered the sector the scientists said “we need more sacrifices for the warp they are in sector 20. when I got to sector 20 there were a lot of prisoners they thought I was going to take them to the portal but I killed the guard who was in the prison area then I told them “it’s okay, I’m here to rescue you” they played along while I walked all of them to the portal then the scientists took three of them and began to begin a sacrifice but when one of the scientists turned around I stabbed one of my metal climbing claws though his chest, the scientists set the alarm off and a squad of marines came in and right in front of them I tore my costume off to reveal my true self and they open fired on me and I went insane killing every one. The toa were fighting real well until Sidorak stepped out of the portal and I charged at Sidorak, hoping to kick him back into the portal but he tricked me that way the tentacles coming out of the portal would draw me inside and separate me again, but when I got sucked in, everyone in the facility stopped fighting and the scientist cheered because I was the ultimate sacrifice to revive the Eye of Terror. But something that they didn’t expect was I got spit out and the portal closed and formed a key hole, then Tetkume became a huge key that I identified as a Keyblade. I stuck it into the key hole and turned it until I heard a click and pulled it out and the key hole disappeared.


Then another portal opened and out stepped someone I know very well, Sora. I greeted him and he asked “why is there so much blood and bodies everywhere?” I told him “these assholes tried to revive Chaos, and I stopped them from doing so.” Then Sora’s Keyblade and mine glowed and fused so did Sora and I, when the bright light dimmed, I was holding The Omega Weapon, and when I looked in a mirror I had Sora’s hair and his personality. Then I went Super Sayin and killed the scientists and told the toa to get out of the facility because I was going to destroy Area 51 and it was easy to do.


I made the strongest blast I could as a Super Sayin, then I launched it, while deep inside the facility. The blast was devastating when it blew, the damage it did was extensive. The crater was massive and I was standing right in the middle of it. Then Sora and I separated and we knew we were unstoppable when we were fused.


After that I took Sora to the Artic, he was shivering when he asked me “aren’t you cold from this environment?” I told him “no, because I was born in this climate.” Three hours later he fainted and I had to hurry to get him into the volcano, when I got him in there, he regained his senses, when he looked around, he ran outside and I followed, he was surprised that it was warm inside the volcano and he asked me “where are we?” I told him “we are in an extinct volcano, and I was born right here in this place” after I said that he looked at me like “what the hell did you just say?” look. Other wolves came out and saw him and got ready to kill him, when I said “he is a friend of mine, this is his first time here, so be kind to him.” They didn’t trust him, but they were nice to him, but when it came to dinner, he didn’t have anything to eat, so I caught him something and I cooked it for him, and he ate it.

Then I got a transmission and it was Season bringer and he told me “I have real bad news, strange creatures are coming out of a portal” I asked “Chaos?” he said “no, I got a picture of one of the creatures” when Sora saw the picture he said something under his breath that sounded like: “Heartless” I asked “what’s a Heartless?” and Sora told me everything. I said in my “lets go kick some ass” voice. Season bringer told me the coordinates of where the portal is; I recognized where the portal is, the same place I was raised in that laboratory I destroyed when I was six years old. Sora asked me “what’s wrong?” I said “the location of the portal is in the ruins of the laboratory I destroyed when I was six years old.” I took Sora to the ruined lab, and we found the portal, which was deep within the facility, in an area that was not damaged, but before we entered the ruined lab I brought some weapons with me, just in case things got real ugly. I gave Sora an Assault Rifle and taught him how to use it; I of course was equipped with one of my favorite weapons: the Minigun with tons, and tons of ammo, for Trigger happiness, Sora just gave me a “What are you thinking?” look. I told him why I had a minigun, he complained about who gets the minigun, so I gave him another assault rifle, I showed him how to weald dual weapons. He asked “where did you get all these weapons?” I told him “an armory in a military base” I also showed him my most prized gun: the shotgun that Kaze gave me, I also showed him a shotgun that I customized to become a Castor Shotgun. I gave Sora a black trench coat, sunglasses and sub-machineguns with a lot of holsters and ammo. I was wearing a black trench coat, sunglasses, leather gloves and I also had sub-machineguns with lots of holsters and lots of ammo. When I looked at Sora, he had the sunglasses upside down so I fixed it, and we went in. I was surprised that some people were exploring the ruins for information about the destruction of the laboratory.


I told the people to leave the ruins for their safety, but they didn’t pay attention to me until I pulled a shotgun out and pointed point-blank at the guy’s head, he told his friends to kill me but I was the one who killed by using my metal climbing claws to rip hearts out. The other guys ran away, I found the secret entrance to the undamaged areas in the lab. There were scientists still working on some experiments, I asked in a sarcastic voice “did you miss me?” when they all turned around and saw me standing there, they all backed up against a wall and said “don’t hurt us, were innocent” I said sarcastically “really, you are experimenting on wolves again, so you die” and I killed them all in cold blood. When we entered an area where security was tight, I walked though the metal detector, it beeped and the officer said “please remove all metal items from your- I opened my trench coat revealing sub-machineguns, he said “holy shit” and I knocked him back and, I drew two sub-machineguns out and dashed though the check point guns blazing then a swat team came in and one of them yelled “Freeze!” Sora and I looked at each other, and then we ran different directions. It was an intense fire fight, the number of kills Sora and I had was massive, I used up all my ammo for the sub-machineguns, so did Sora. I of course picked up two auto-shotguns and kept it for later use; after we left the lobby, it was totaled. We used the elevator as a decoy for when we were going to destroy the elevator doors. But I set a nuke charge in the elevator for after we seal the portal, one of the officers told the officers on the floor below us that they are going to have some real nasty company, I knew it because my hearing told me, I had our theme song ready “Assault” I told Sora “to get stay away from the doors because they are going to open fire when the elevator stopped at the desired floor.” I was right about the officers opening fire, I had of course grenades and I used them, they threw nerve gas into the elevator, hoping to flush us out, Sora had a gas mask, when our theme song came on, I stepped out of the elevator, holding two Assault Rifles, and I opened fired, I used all my ammo for it. I made sure the power for the next floor was out, but it wasn’t, so I shot out all the lights with a silenced pistol to prevent a guard from raising an alarm, if we get spotted. The guard caught on when I shot out the first light, he saw me and rushed at us, Sora took him out and I finished shooting the lights out, Sora doesn’t have my night vision ability, so he wanted to see where we were going and I gave him night vision goggles, of course I cant detect heat signatures so I brought thermal vision goggles for that purpose only. It did help in finding out if there were enemies around the corner.


When we reached the second to last floor, the floor was in ruins and had strange pulsating veins on the walls, I thought Chaos did this until a guard came screaming at the top of his lungs, running towards Sora and I and right behind him was a demon, so I identified it as hell was becoming reality, I killed the demon with a well place shot from my pistol, between the eyes. The guard thanked me until I stepped out of the shadows, he turned and began to run the other direction, when I caught his shirt and asked “what happened here” he was probably too scared, so I shook him and asked again, this time he told us everything we wanted to know, except where this outbreak originated. I walked over to where a huge plant like demon was, just out of range of its jaws and held him out to it and he told me where the problem started, I said “thanks” and tied him up just inches away from its mouth. But it was in the way so I used my castor shotgun to blast it. The guard thanked me for not feeding him to it, but I didn’t know which way to go, so I picked him up and drew my pistol and pointed into his back and said “take us there” he was still quivering and I trusted the barrel of my pistol into his back and repeated “take us there.” Every demon that appeared Sora and I killed, until we reached the source of why hell appeared, right before our eyes, the scientists got killed. Then all the demons in the room spotted us and began to rush. Sora and I both drew our shotguns, I had my two auto-shotguns out and fully loaded, I switched one of their settings from pump to full auto. We opened fired, every demon that got too close to us ended up getting blasted, I got shot from a pistol in the back and when I turned around a zombie was holding an automatic pistol and I used my speed to get behind it and pointed an auto-shotgun at point-blank range and fired, the shot vaporized the zombie’s head and I took its pistol for later use, I yelled to Sora “I’m getting awfully sick and tired of all these fucking demons and zombies, so duck and cover!” whipping my Castor-shotgun out, Sora did hit the dirt and I fired. Every demon and zombie in the room got vaporized from the blast. Then I found the stairs to the last floor.


When we reached the last floor, we were really running low on ammo for our guns, so we searched the floor for an armory, and when I looked on a blueprint of the facility, I found out the armory is on the 6 floors above us so we went back up the stairs and found the armory, the lock was still working so I used a well placed punch to the lock, breaking it off, I opened the door and found a room filled with guns and ammo, Sora reloaded all his guns, and I did the same, but we both picked up some new guns, including one of my favorites: the Samurai, which is a beam weapon, that is lethal when fired. Sora liked the Grenade Launcher, because it can blow a door down with one shot. I continued to search the armory for hidden rooms and I did find one, when I opened it I found the M.O.G (mother of all guns) the Pulse Projection Rifle, it can fire a beam that can level a facility in one shot. I took it just in case my nuke charge didn’t do the job, there were other guns, Sora was just about set, until he saw what I found, he just shook his head saying “what are you thinking” I nodded with my insane-serious smile. I told him where I found it, and guess what he found; he found a fucking Thundaga -437-Hellfragger Rocket Launcher, my mouth was wide open when I saw it. After we reloaded, got back down to the bottom floor, I forgot to arm the nuke, so I went back to the armory and armed it for remote-detonation. We finally were ready for the onslaught that was behind the door. I nodded to Sora and he nodded back to me, and I had my minigun out and loaded Sora had his Hellfragger out, I told him “Umm, not yet”, so he switched it to an AIMS 20, which I also have, I kicked the door down, and the look on the heartless’s faces were Classic when they saw two people, in black trench coats, sunglasses, and some very good guns in hand, they were pretty much screwed and we both open fired, I yelled something to Sora and he got behind me, I set my trigger happy song to “Assault” and whipped out a second minigun, then I activated my armor: Blade-Zero, which can only be worn by a wolf, or by someone who has wolf blood flowing though his veins. I strapped both miniguns to my arms and yelled “NOW YOU ALL GO TO HELL, YOU UGLY MOTHER FUCKERS!” and I pressed the triggers, the amount of ammo spent probably set a world record, but I didn’t care because I was too trigger happy to notice.


When I used all the ammo for my miniguns, I threw them aside, and used my claws to kill more heartless, then before I knew it, I heard “Freeze, you’re under arrest for the murder of 300 scientists and officers.” When I turned around there was the Swat Team, FBI and the army with guns pointed at me, I said “I’m a little busy right now, so can you wait” killing a heartless, they shot and managed to ding my armor, I said “What the fuck, man?” after I said that about six heartless killed nine soldiers, and they responded to the deaths of their partners, then matters got a hell lot worse, demons from Hell appeared and joined in the fight. I of course got sick and tired of this fight, and when I looked over I saw Sora bleeding from his waist, I got over there and killed the demons and zombies approaching him. I picked him up and carried him to the medical room, there were some doctors there I told them “He needs medical help real bad” they were scared because I think they heard of me, I extended one of my metal claws and they saw that I was not going to tolerate a friend’s death, so they started to stitch up the gash in Sora’s side. I saw blood on the floor and I wondered where the blood came from then I found its source: my side, I used my powers to heal my wound, when Sora came out of the operating room, he was some-what conscious, and he said “I can’t fight anymore, because I have to heal” I said nothing, then I reopened his wound, he yelled “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I said nothing and placed my hands on his wound and started to use my ice powers, after about a minute, I collapsed due to exhaustion, when he looked at his wound it was fully healed. He thanked me, I told Sora to put me into a freezer, and he did, 2 hours later I emerged from the freezer, ready for battle, the doctors, didn’t know what just happened.


After we left the medical wing I told Sora “when I healed you, I gave you some of my power, you will feel a lot stronger so be careful” right when I said that he punched the wall putting a hole in it, I just shook my head and said “I wonder who won the battle on the floor where the portal is” when I looked at the security camera on that floor, I replayed it to the time we fled, and we both saw what happened, the demons won that battle, Sora pulled his Hellfragger out, and I pulled my Samurai out and set it to overcharge. We got back down to the bottom floor, there was blood everywhere, and we killed the demons with ease, Sora did very well with his new powers, but he didn’t learn how to use them, so I taught him,