The Ture Meaning of Fighting : 06


12th Jan 2010, 8:21 PM

Anyway, Vash has escaped the evil dog arena! Although I don't think his new accomodations are an improvement... The next issue will be... EVENTFUL!

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Film Rights

The Dude Abides
2nd Nov 2018, 3:47 AM

You can imagine how shocked I was at the fact that after almost a decade there still have been NO TAKERS!?!!? HEY HOLLYWOOD! WAY TO PUSS OUT ON THE HOT PROPERTY OF THE GENERATION! If you're too busy giving each other coke-fueled blowjobs while trying to decide who's going to cameo in Shrek part VIII then I guess it's a good thing the visionary NORMAMAN took matters into his own hands. What does this mean for the ever faithful CHRISTIAN HUMBER RELOADED fans?


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