The Ture Meaning of Fighting : 03


12th Jan 2010, 7:55 PM

What DOES using the walls to your advantage mean? This seemed to me to be the most logical and violent answer.

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What you don't consider

The Dude Abides
2nd Nov 2018, 3:40 AM

That German Shepherd? Everyone was hoping it would pull through, even the guys who had money riding on Vash. It was such a sweet dog, man's best friend in the best way. It helped children trapped in wells, led the elderly and the blind, volunteered at the police station as a sniffer, and at an orphanage, as well as finding time to work on a suicide hotline. Not to mention it was an excellent parental figure to it's pups. It first came into the public eye as a test astronaut for NASA, manning prototype spaceships, but has held down many jobs since.
But, Vash was a super-saiyan wolf, and it was just a dog, so 'almost' killing him will have to do. Of course, the fight wasn't actually to the death, and 'using the walls to his advantage' means 'wait until his back is turned after defeating me, then attack'. Still, as the German Shepherd was fond of saying, you win some, you lose some. Rest in piece, you beautiful bastard

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