Soku's Revenge Against Me : 05


12th Apr 2010, 11:23 AM

Boy, that was a close one! Bladevash almost didn't get a flawless victory! Don't worry about the kids, I'm sure they wont be mentally scarred for life or anything.

Guest Artist Alex says : "Page 5: Brought to you by the Letter E

Honestly, the letter E lost all meaning to me by the time I was done with this. I lied about the epic battle earlier, I’m sorry. I had big plans and then said “fuck it” and just ended up drawing random shots of violence hidden amongst a comically large single-letter word balloon. The kids freaking out at the end is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn, ever."

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12th Apr 2010, 11:56 AM

Wow... you know... I (apparently along with the guy who analyzed the story) saw this scene completely differently in word form. But NOW, finally, I see it how Humber intended. His writing is just that bad; it's impossible to get what he was meaning.

What I originally thought (apparently I wasn't the other one)

Soku comes back, he apologizes, she cries and forgives him. Or something. It's really hard to decrypt.

But now I see here with your pages. He DOES fight her, and kills her. And the kids cry and he says all of that.

So, I get it now. Wow, you've really analyzed the hell out of his story.

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