Soku's Revenge Against Me : 01


20th Mar 2010, 2:14 PM

My roomate Alex's guest chapter begins! (With coloring by me.) As you can see, Bladevash has abandoned the violence of his previous life! But will the world let him live this way? I'll give the rest of the commentary to Alex for this chapter. I'm going to bed...

"Page 1: Vash plays with some children

Hi, I’m Alex, Normalman’s roommate and multi-millionaire jet-setting playboy. Welcome to my guest chapter. Despite claims to the contrary, I am not an artist. I spend time drawing in school when I could be getting better grades, which allows me to hone my craft, as it is. My plan with this chapter was to take what Christian had given us and try to fill it in with real events and dialogue, therefore doing it justice. I ended up abandoning this plan within three pages.

He never specified exactly what he was playing, so I decided it would be basketball, because at the time I started this I had just finished Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. You’ll notice some inconsistencies between the way the characters look here and the way they look later. This is partly because I didn’t have access to this page about halfway through the chapter, and mostly because I don’t really care. You probably wouldn’t have noticed either, until I pointed it out just now. I’m an idiot."

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