The Ultimate Weapon Discovered : 04


14th Jan 2010, 5:05 PM

Oh, sure, a jewel from a parallel dimension beans you in the head and, of course, you can immediately identify it and realize there’s something wrong with it because I guess you just KNOW EVERY DETAIL OF AN OBJECT YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY HAVE EVER SEEN OR HEARD OF.

For those keeping track of franchises ripped off, (I’m certainly not.) the Shikon jewel is the macguffin from Inu-Yasha. I don’t really know what it does, but that probably doesn’t matter.

NOTE : This technically isn’t cannibalism because BladeVash is really a wolf.

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3rd Dec 2010, 4:37 PM

Not sure how Vash knew that it was pink since he describes it as WHITE!! Also according to Inu-Yasha the "Shikon Jewel" turns demons into humans so does that make Vash human now... or was he already human... or is he still a wolf?.... or just a saiyan.... or is there any meaning to reality at all.

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25th Dec 2010, 4:18 AM

The fact that a jewel just randomly flew out of a portal and hit him in the head, totally reasonable. But white, that makes no fucking sense at all.

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29th Nov 2011, 1:44 AM

So, Vash just literally ate that one guy's skin? He's a fucking cannibal now?

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The Dude Abides
2nd Nov 2018, 5:13 AM

Well, that checks out.

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